Brian Gothard Resume



88 Diamond Radar Rd

Perkinston, MS  39573



Gothard Technology

Alabaster, AL / Mississippi Gulf Coast
Business and Technical Consultant 2007 – Present

Roland Pugh Construction, Inc.

Birmingham, AL
Business Manager 2000 – 2006

Hackbarth Delivery Service

Montgomery, AL
Operations Manager 1999 – 2000

SPEC Group Holdings, Inc.

Birmingham, AL
Business Development Manager 1998 – 1999
Business Unit Manger 1997 – 1998

Automation Technologies, Inc.

Birmingham, AL
Systems Analyst 1996
Assembly Manager 1996
Assistant Assembly Manager 1995
Electrical Pre-Assembly Foreman 1994
Network Technician / Graphic Designer 1993

Schwan’s Sales Enterprises

Birmingham, AL
Warehouse Manager 1991 – 1993
Route Salesperson 1992

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Birmingham, AL
Sales Associate 1989 – 1992

Gravelle Enterprises

Birmingham, AL
Supervisor 1988 – 1989


Analyzed, reorganized and streamlined the assembly processes of a major circuit board handling equipment manufacturer.  Worked with plant management and hourly employees to evaluate existing processes, define opportunities for improvement, and develop corrective actions.  Established and enforced new electrical and mechanical standards. Divided the department into component producing cells feeding finished goods to assembly crews. Evaluated material requirements and costs and minimized base line expenditures. Centralized wiring and mechanical component inventory, designed and implemented an inventory control procedure, enforced proper handling of electronic components to minimize loss by damage, recognized a decrease in waste and an increase in efficiency.

Results: Decreased cycle time by 30% and increased overall output by 25%.

Assisted Plant Manager in planning and executing relocation of assembly department, helped determine the criteria for success, helped establish all tasks and timelines (i.e. equipment, personnel selection, plant layout, quality, production transition schedule, etc.), and coordinated all efforts at the old facility to ensure no loss of production time.

Results: Successfully relocated facility on time with negligible loss of production hours.

Analyzed overall information requirements and suggested improvements, calculated and defined the necessary flow of information throughout the company, collaborated with Department Heads of Sales, Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly, Purchasing, and Controls to define inefficiencies and determine solutions, reported proposed solutions to VPs of Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Controls to acquire approval of corrective action, supervised the execution of accepted improvements, determined the impact of applied changes and reported back to executive team.

Results: Decreased order fulfillment time by 10%

Evaluated material requirements and recognized rampant waste occurring on a daily basis.  Reorganized the warehouse, implemented inventory control and tracking procedures, promoted installer accountability for materials assigned.

Results: Savings of 20%.

Planned and implemented a purchasing system.  Defined required specifications, reviewed the cost of materials, researched available vendors’ capabilities (costs & services), selected vendors.

Results: $300,000 annual savings.

Evaluated and improved crew production recording procedures for $3.5 million monthly work.  Designed and developed a production tracking system to ensure proper recording of work performed, created procedures and documents to report daily work totals to executive team, identified historically unbilled or under billed line items and initiated corrections.

Results: Realized a 3-5% increase in revenues ($150,000 monthly).

Evaluated and reorganized accounts receivable procedures to ensure compliance with government contract specifications and decrease redundancy.  Converted all documents to electronic format.

Results: Decreased AR days by 32.

Facilitated a settlement with a client on a $7 million project.  Original Project Manager allowed project to get 8 months behind, key supplier delivered key components 384 days late, liquidated damages of $600 per day; enforced subcontracts and purchase orders to expedite project completion, negotiated a compromise of $108,000 of a possible $240,000 liquidated damages charge.

Results: $132,000 in retained revenue.

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