Dec 132008

It does not matter if you support the war or not, everyone supports the men and women serving over there.  XEROX has given us a very easy way to say thanks this holiday season.

Just use the widget below to send a thank you card.  This is not an electronic card.  XEROX is actually going to print these thank you cards and mail them to our troops!  There is no cost to you.  All it takes is a minute to send your thanks to our troops overseas.

These soldiers will not get to spend the holidays with their families.  They have chosen instead to protect you and your loved ones while you enjoy your holiday festivities.

You have an extra two minutes to thank them for their dedication; I know you do!  Just use this widget and do it!  Then send all your friends and family here.  Then let your kids send their own thank you cards.

Make a difference in the life of a soldier with just a few clicks of your mouse right now!

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  1. It appears the widget is broken.

    Go to to send your cards.


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