Mar 222009

This is a special post just for friends and family.  They tore down the house yesterday.  It sat empty for way too long and it was time to get rid of it before it became a hazard.

I intended to get some better footage, but I left the good camera in Mama’s car so I shot this little clip with my Blackjack II cell phone.  The video is jerky, but it is still cool to see just how easy that Komatsu PC160 wipes it out.

These guys did a fabulous job of cleanup.  After the grass grows in, you will never even know there was a house there.  I’ll post some pictures when I take the good camera over there.

If anybody needs dirt work or demolition, I can definitely recommend someone.  They do an excellent job, and their prices are very reasonable.  Just use the contact link at the top of the page and I’ll give you the phone number.

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