Aug 292021

Just making my position clear. I am not a doctor, but I have been researching the actual scientific data since this thing showed up because I visit a lot of retail places and the information has always been contradictory. The narrative has never agreed with the data. I created my own protocol to minimize exposure based on the real data, not the spin put out by social media, mass media, and the governments.

Do I know more than the experts? Choose your experts. I see “experts” virtually every day who are either ignorant of the underlying science, or lying to you. I tried to find information that was not specific to COVID, but instead about controlling infection. Much of what I hear in public about COVID ignores or contradicts decades of formerly accepted research. The CDC and WHO both have contradictory information on their websites. Which page on their own site do you trust? You have to choose who to believe.

This is my information. Take it or leave it.

My personal protocol:

I don’t care if it is COVID, influenza, or rhinovirus (common cold), this will help.

  • Wash your hands. Don’t rinse them off quickly and move on. Warm water, soap everything up past the wrist, elbows are better, rub for 30 seconds at least before rinsing. Anything less is a waste of time. Soap takes that long to work.
  • Don’t touch the door handle. Open it with a paper towel or your elbow.
  • Don’t touch your face. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears are all primary infection points. Sanitize them regularly with a medically safe disinfectant. I have been using benzalkonium (Bactine), but have recently added colloidal silver for additional protection and side benefits. Eyelids, lips, inside nostrils and ears. (The benzalkonium tastes bad, colloidal silver does not.) It is OK to stick your finger in your nose. Get it inside
  • Don’t directly breathe in what they are breathing out, and don’t stand over their shoulder. Personal space. Just stand back. If there is not sufficient air flow, stand back farther.

These three things will do more to prevent infection than anything else you can do. Everything else is extra.